Epigenetics, Nutrition, Breastfeeding and the MotherBaby Bond


Join author and pregnancy/breastfeeding expert, Laurel Wilson, on a journey into Epigenetics and Human Development.

This gathering will offer insight in new advances regarding genetics and attachment. This presentation will be at a home, and there will plenty of time for questions and discussion.

You will have the option to bring your dinner or purchase a boxed meal.

Part One- The Link between Epigenetics and Early Nutrition

Recent research on epigenetics, literally meaning above the gene, has led medical professionals to query about how the environment impacts the developing baby both in utero and throughout its lifetime. The genome is the genetic information inherited from one's parents, but the epigenome is what deciphers the genome for each cell throughout the body. This deciphering process is impacted by both the internal and external environment of an individual. The external environment can include nutrition, chemicals, toxins, etc. The internal environment would include neuropeptides (emotional molecules) and stress hormones. The environment changes the proteins in the body that help the epigenome translate DNA. This finding has increased awareness of the importance of nutrition on the epigenome. Studies now are finding that the changes in the epigenome can influence not only that individual but can be passed along to future progeny, sometimes four generations out. A baby's nutrition in utero, via the placenta primes thier genetic influence for the rest of thier lives. Discover how prenatal nutrition can be positively influenced to prmote long term genetic health. Additionally, the first nutrition for a human outside the womb is breastmilk, and thus its epigenetic impact is potentially expansive. New research has expanded the field of epigenetics to include breastmilk and how it potentially changes the epigenome and can affect the lifelong health of a baby. This presentation focuses on some of the latest published research- milksharing/wet nursing and the epigenome, breastmilk, and changes in gene expression and gut flora.

Part Two - The Science of the MotherBabyBond

Its time to set many of the pregnancy myths aside and teach mothers what they really need to know about nutrition in pregnancy. While its is true that a mother is eating for two, most women do not really know what that means. They assume they just eat twice as much. A woman’s nutritional intake has epigenetic outcomes, meaning that what she eats actually changes the genetic expression of her baby. A woman’s diet in pregnancy can change her baby’s palate, cravings and rewards centers of her baby’s brain, risk of diabetes and risk of obesity. Additionally, the typical American foods eaten during pregnancy do very little to nourish the pregnant woman’s body, let alone nourish her baby. Join Laurel to learn about how to counsel mothers on better choices and using conscious agreement to make choices for a vibrant and healthy pregnancy.

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Supporting a Breastfeeding Culture-a LLL Parenting & Healthcare Professional Conference

05/22/2016 - 3:29pm

La Leche League offers this family-friendly Conference for Parents, and Healthcare Professionals, featuring nationally known Speakers, presenting the latest information on a variety of Breastfeeding and Parenting topics. Sessions cover: childbirth choices, family communication, parenting challenges, breastfeeding and infant health, and more; Many offer Continuing Education credit. Bookstore, Vendor Booths, Prize Drawings, Activities for Children. Held over Memorial Day weekend, the conference offers families a chance to learn, as well as play and relax together, at the beautiful Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa, in California.

Registration Options include/exclude Meals, served by the Hotel; 1 or 2 day options; Discounts available for LLL Leaders/Members, WIC Staff, and early Registrants (deadline April 20, 2015). Register Online, by Mail, or Walk-In (if available).

Visit our Conference site for Online Registration, Speaker information, Session titles and descriptions, Hotel info, and other useful information.

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